Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality

Sweetpea’s Garden

Oh, Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality:
Gays Have the right to live Stop: Stop the hate, stop it now

Oh, Uganda, death is a sacrifice that denies the integrity of the law itself. Calling for death promotes hate instead of encouraging freedom and liberty. The Law denies the word of g-d when the law denies the right to speak. Hate with ignorance binds men to promote an antiquated law. No, our death is not about curses, evil; homosexuality, lust or perversion, pedophilia; an unstable mentally. Our deaths and imprisonment is not obeying spiritual law; it is destroying Democratic Law. Spiritual and Democratic Law says all men are to be treated with humanity: there is something wrong, so terribly, terribly wrong in stifling kindness, mercy, and love. Yes, our deaths – imprisonment and torture will rest on the shoulders of the blind and deaf; not the ignorant; but those…

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