Today is the Day

I have not looked forward to this.
the person who said…my love for you is pure…
trust me.. God’s got us…don’t shut me out…I want to reach in and heal those hurts you suffered as a little girl..
I don’t understand it but when we are together I feel so much love, so much peace, so safe. I have never felt the love of God or so loved or desired or beautiful or this happy as when I am with you.
This person that convinced me to trust her and take a chance that I would not be broken..this person who touched my life and I never felt or knew love until this and we dove into the river of life together and made beautiful love and I thought I knew God and His love for His Bride..for us..fir me but this took me to a deeper level of understanding of God and His desire for His wife.
we pledged to God and one Another to love to up be there for one another for life.

She left me for the sake of fear of man and what if…..
what if they wont let me see my grand daughter..what if they look at me differently..what if I lose my position in society..what if my friends dont want to be around…..
Today is the day I see her after 3 weeks..and 6 weeks since she told me…
I HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. But I have to work..Im on Tranxene
and I was afraid that I would run out..But I saved up for today.
SHE HAS TO PICK ME UP FROM the airport..from Savannah to..
97 miles..
She texted saying she was bringing s friend..I advised her not to.
She doesn’t want anyone knowing…I wouldnt put me in the car with her for an hour and a half because I am not happy..
im not going to pretend..I am shaking and if her friend asks whats wrong…. I’ll tell her…she doesnt want that.


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