motivated by love

A Pastor’s journey to renewal

In a time when same sex marriage is the topic of discussion in our church pews, our social circles and the news, two women find themselves brought together by God against all of their theological beliefs; the greatest love story never told ensues. Faced with the fear of her social circle finding out, Victoria lets go of the relationship sending Carey on a downward spiral toward suicide until she realizes that she is just one. The only way to win this war for the purity of the Church is to show her its true colors. Motivated by Love, Carey rises up a warrior becoming the preacher of righteousness she was meant to be. To purge bigotry, hatred and foolish pride from the church she must stand up.
Motivated By Love

This is an outline to a book based on truth–names are changed to protect me from lawsuits.
Motivated By Love
Victoria’s Secret- After years of Marriage to a man she didn’t love, Victoria finds love in the arms of another woman.
From different classes and upbringing the independence of one and the nurturing of the other makes a bond they can’t deny.
Both being mainstream Christians, going against what is taught in church, the two live their lives together in spiritual and romantic bliss until Victoria is faced with the threat of her secret being discovered.
As I Lay Dying- Carey, the lover who had been celibate for the sake of the cross, captured by the Love of the beautiful Victoria: Convinced after all that it was God’s will for them to be together; that after years of self torment and misery, God had given them this gift of love, one to the other. Believing that when they said their vows to one another and God= she meant it- they meant it, this was for life. Victoria was her life—all of their plans were for them together. As I lay dying is the mournful lamentation and reminiscing of their short life together . Carey had written a tell all suicide note in the bitter wake that Victoria would rather say goodbye to the most beautiful thing either of them had ever known, than to be cast as a “Lesbian” in her very formal society.
The Phoenix Rising: Is the vision that Carey had as she lay dying and the words of God coming to her… I gave her to you- love her to me—she is the church.
Have I not told you to equip the church? Have I not told you that I gave her to you to be your partner? Have I not told you to reach out to the gay community?: To the outcasts, those who have fallen through the cracks of society- You, who could go where no one else could go because of who you are? Have I not told you that I chose you before the beginning of time? Have I not told you, do not cry, she’s not going anywhere?
Carey then saw herself for who she really was, a soldier, forged in the flames of affliction, her armor supernaturally made by God-her spirit, the spirit of a Mighty man—she saw him laying in the ashes, curled up, face down, arms covering the face. Magnificent! The Brilliantly shining.
Clad in Armor-Armed with Love for with Love you can conquer all. The fight of love. Missionary of Love. Spiritual child, ministry of love. What does it all mean? She would have never went to the battle if her home was not at stake. Not just her home, but all of those who fall victim to the stigma of society created by some self righteous half truths. Battle to the death. “Sometimes our metal is forged in the flames of affliction”
Kingdom Conqueror- There are many Kingdoms, many Kings but there is only one King of Kings. Sealed with the Spirit, His authority given to Carey, His Keys, His Word, His Armor – His Love;
The powers of darkness- hate, bigotry, self righteousness, loathing, contempt, apathy…all of the enemies of God shall be put under.
Then will the bride be without spot or wrinkle.

Grasping her weapon…her honor.. her sword – her pen– she got up from the ashes with a greater resolve to win this war.

Remembering as she gritted her teeth and squinted her eyes her body tight- fixed for battle– her Lord, Master , Her King told her once that He created her to be a fighter— and told her, brought it to mind– the only fight that she did not win was the fight she did not fight…..

With greater strength, fortitude, wisdom and Holy anger, she got up to win this war…

thus it begins..

God is Love if God is for us– who can be against us.

No man shall be able to stand against you.


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