Through The Looking Glass: Why the Traditional Response to Homosexuality Has Failed

this is very good, very real, very true.

Sacred Tension

Two weeks ago, I released a post in which I expressed a few of my misgivings regarding the traditional perspective on gay marriage. I would like to reflect a bit more on the final question I presented in that post: what are the consequences of melding the Gospel of Christ with the traditional ethic for the gay community?

Now, I would like you to imagine a city.

Let’s imagine that, against the will of the people of this city, a religious power descends. They quarantine the city, and the bishops of this religion preach a message: there is a God out there who loves you, a God who so passionately loves you that he died for you, a God of radical inclusion who has come to give you a second, fifth, hundredth, millionth chance. The highest reality is a person of love and compassion who cares about you – what…

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