motivated by love

This is a book outline does anyone think it is worth writing.?


A Pastor’s journey to renewal

In a time when same sex marriage is the topic of discussion in our church pews, our social circles and the news, two women find themselves brought together by God against all of their theological beliefs; the greatest love story never told ensues. Faced with the fear of her social circle finding out, Victoria lets go of the relationship sending Carey on a downward spiral toward suicide until she realizes that she is just one. The only way to win this war for the purity of the Church is to show her its true colors. Motivated by Love, Carey rises up a warrior becoming the preacher of righteousness she was meant to be. To purge bigotry, hatred and foolish pride from the church she must stand up.
Motivated By Love

This is an outline to a book based on truth–names are changed to protect me…

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