Meet your Amygdala

I like this guy– I don’t have to write– he does it for me.

Sacred Tension

While I have not charted the specific route of this expedition, I expect that this blog will cover a few topics that include: faith and doubt, homosexuality, and cultural and creative innovations and conflicts.

This means that before we start this journey, we should all become acquainted with an invisible, vital character in this story. This character is often the unseen cause of death and destruction and civil war whenever we talk about faith, and the sooner we all become aware of this character, the better off we will all be.

I would like you to meet your amygdala.

I recently became familiar with the workings of the amygdala in a book called Fringeology: How I tried to explain away the unexplainable and couldn’t by journalist Steve Volk. In it, Volk explores the paranormal, and how the human mind and American culture respond to the scientific unknown.

After describing a troubling experiment in which scientists…

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