Been Talking to God

Just asked Him to show me something– I believe Him, I know Him, I trust that His Word is true what doesn’t bring me comfort is that– Abraham’s Promise– is still being fought over today, Noah hammered away for 99 years, Moses was in the desert for 40 then the wilderness for 40– Joshua and Caleb fought for their promise land for 40, Nehemiah and the Israelites and Ezra worked on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and the temple for 28, David, though He had the vision of the original temple was not able to build it, his son did. Jesus– was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tried and tested for 40 days and then in the end was crucified for healing people in the name of God — saying He  was the Son of God — which He is.

I have no trouble believing His promises, I just have problems enduring the day to day life– the going through til you get there– so I need constant encouragement and I asked Him awhile ago to show me something————– give me something to look forward to– I told Him if He could send an Angel to Elijah to feed Him and touch him where he ran for forty days?????????????? is that right– certainly He could do the same for me —touch me Lord– give me strength, a hope and a promise— for today– you’ve given me so much for the future– but I need help today…. Show up Please, manifest Your Glory. Please , In the Name of Jesus I pray- Amen.










9 comments on “Been Talking to God

  1. MyrtleMartha says:

    Hi. I’m looking forward to reading through your past blog entries.

    • Looking forward to hearing from you again..thanks for reading..and replying.

      • MyrtleMartha says:

        Today I had lunch with an old friend, and we prayed for you: that hope and joy will return to your life and that God will either send just the right partner for you or else give you another person(s) in your daily life to love and be loved and understood by, as it’s in His will.

      • Thankk you so much

    • I sent you a reply last night on my laptop. .I dont know if it went through. ?

    • Hey..if you don’t think it too strange and you’re serious about asking God to bring me friends I would like you to be one..I know that sounds y or n…haha..
      But seriously I would love to talk to someone..
      My cell is 478 3570717
      If you dont mind.. I get off work around6.30
      Im in New York working..I live in Ga…well I have a house there.. a ph.conversation would be so welcome.

      • MyrtleMartha says:

        I appreciate the invitation, but need to think about this. I rarely have phone conversations; my preference is to restrict them to business, partly because I have some trouble hearing over the phone and partly because very uncertain health means that communicating with friends through FB and blogs lets me talk just when I’m feeling able to do it and only for a comment or two at a time.

  2. I am praying for you and your ministry of light and love! He is alive in your heart and leading you towards a more loving tomorrow.

    • Thank you..odd choice of words..He told me last year….though this sounds very corney…that I was a missionary of Love. I dreamed last night that I was on the floor and two women were helping me back up…just as The Lord said in the scriptures..who touched me because healing virtue was flowing out of Him.. I said the same thing, but the opposite was true…healing virtue was flowing into me…
      That is what these responses are like..its picking me up and touching me with healing virtue.

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