I’m Not Gay, So Why Do I Care?

She said a lot.

Not Just A Blonde

Recently, after a fairly impassioned pro-gay rights rant I was asked by my husband: “You’re not gay, so why do you care?” He asked this not in a jerky-judgmental way, but in a I-don’t-know-why-you’re-so-worked-up kinda way. After all, I’m a legally married, heterosexual, middle-age, middle-class, mom. I live the American tradition. I teach Sunday School. I love Jesus. My life would not change directly one bit if gay marriage ever passes or not. What then is my problem?

Well, let’s start with a peek into the history books: Homosexual and transgender romantic love was not a cultural phenomenon in Biblical times. Same gender sex happened, sure! I’m not talking here about same gender lust… I am taking about romantic, committed, consensual love… a partnership, a family. Such an institution was not explored, not discussed… homosexual activity as condemned by early Christians was just about the sex.

Much research…

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One comment on “I’m Not Gay, So Why Do I Care?

  1. MyrtleMartha says:

    I seem to be having trouble leaving a comment, but I’ll try again. I’ve glad you reblogged this post. It was very meaningful to me. I hope you’ll also post the comment you made today on another blog post elsewhere about anger.

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