When Side B is the New Ex-gay

Sacred Tension

Sometimes, your heart starts to break, and you don’t know why. You catch yourself emotionally limping through life, or angry and explosive at the drop of a dime, or feeling like a small, wounded child, and not understanding why.

Such has been the case recently. I’ve been struggling with very deep feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal – feelings that have made writing, rest, and engaging with other people in productive, peaceful ways very difficult. When I finally noticed these powerful feelings, I sat with them, trying to understand their origin. In a moment of clarity, I suddenly said to myself, I know these feelings. I’ve felt them before. 

It’s taken the past few month of processing and writing about my recent fallout with Side B (the conviction that while a gay orientation is not in and of itself sinful, expressions of that orientation in sex or gay marriage are…

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One comment on “When Side B is the New Ex-gay

  1. ohshecooks says:

    I guess you can only make so many replies on a thread before the reply button disappears, so I decided to come right to your blog. Hope you don’t mind.

    Although I’m not sure I agree with all your theology, I certainly will pray for you (and have been). It seems we both want the same thing, a family to love us, and to love. I know it’s not the same, but we do have our family in Christ.

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