Where are you?

I am here now. I am out of the shadows. I have stood in the light to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord of my Life and I am Gay.

i AM BLESSED GAY. I just knew.. I thought.. that once I came out .. being Christian and gay .. that there would be others, especially near me that would come around to say I want to draw near to God. There is not a supportive Christian system within 60 miles– the closest one .. a unitarian church in Macon and I am sure there is a Methodist church somewhere within that distance that would go out of their way to make me feel welcome because God loves us all. I’m not complaining, yes I am. I want to be around others like me to have a real conversation with. 

Others who have a heart, a real desire for God but find themselves in this thing trying to fit in and you don’t. You don’t fit in. At the very most you are tolerated which is a far cry from 20 yrs ago when we, (Homos) were “counted 20 points if you run one over with the car.”

When it was kosher to call someone dyke or fag.. it made you seem like you were on the right team.

Yes civilization has evolved to being more civilized, and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that we no longer stone our children or anyone for that matter for their beliefs or actions, that we no longer believe it a legal right to own and sale someone else, that women not only have a right to vote now but can also hold a public office. We can own land. 

Yes I am grateful that admitting that I am gay is not an automatic death sentence. I am grateful for others in the Christian and straight communities for coming out in support of us as people, human beings with basic human rights.

It is civilized to sit proper at dinner table and the only thing you hear is the silverware tapping the plate, where it is so civilized you are to sit properly, eat properly and do not talk at the table.

Yes we should at the very least be civil to one another, but I would like to sup with family, where it is encouraged to talk, where sopping your biscuit in the gravy is not only okay, its expected. Where if you spill something, its okay we can wipe it up and get you another one. Where its okay to be human, with all of our selves leaving nothing out and we can deal with it, help each other out, pull together not away. 

What I am crying for is a community that I can see, feel, hear, that are Christ followers and are gay or at the very least have questions.

I guess I want a Christ believing Church near me that we can talk about this.. maybe I’m looking for a support group a round table discussion…. is there anyone interested in getting together in the middle ga area…. 

Looking for family I guess.

I’m looking for a safe place

Sheep that have run for the hills


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    Just reading… it is ongoing…. is anyone out there?

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