Overcoming the Barriers in MY Mind

Look for ways to live your dream

The things that have overcome you, let that be the ladder;

Let that- that Predator, that opposition -be the very mountain that 

YOU were meant to move————— for other people.

Don’t be the victim asking— “WHY”………

Be the Victor and say WHY NOT!

Screw those that said or will say , “You CAN’T”

Give your stamp of approval to those who encourage you and say you can.


I am tired, weary of being “weak”.

Of seeing circumstances that tie me down.

I am sick of allowing others dictate the time table to which I move.. No more waiting.

Go with me or get out of the way. .. ENOUGH! .. IT IS ENOUGH. .. I AM


The fact that so much crap, so much adversity, so many obstacles, have come against is the very proof 

that there is something life changing within me.

Screw the Giants, the Lions and the Bears.. God is on my side!

If I was created for something, then I have what it takes to do it.

All of this that has tried to hold me down has made me stronger and to even cast off

false religion and religious pride. 

I know not everything but everything I know rests on the One who does.

The one thing that I do know is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Truth

and He said, and I believe it-

I don’t know when, I don’t know how;


So rise shine your light has come__________________

The opinions of others do not count. What counts is what does the Holy Spirit say and what do you think?

I tell you the truth, Jesus Christ Himself, The Son of the Living God, Son of the Almighty, The image of perfection, Love and Truth,

The solid and the Faithful——————–

He carried the whole world on His shoulders and against the multitude, against the religious majority—-

He moved and had Hi being, and if He had coward down- if He had hidden Himself in the shadows, the darkness, where would we be today? Where would I be now?

So to face the crowds of men that one day praise you and the next are yelling, “Crucify”, all because they are persuaded by the majority rule, been bought, or afraid of being counted as, “One of Them”…. crucified, not out of truth = out of fear— Fear is what crucified Him.

Is not this same fear present today, holding the hammer.

Who am I to think that I can wait in hopes of escaping persecution? Is not this same fear holding me in bondage to the opinions of man? Am I not hanging on a cross of opinion and truth, between heaven and earth, acceptance and rejection? In my silence am I not just like the Roman Soldier, a citizen, a soldier, carrying out his duty, carrying out the orders to to nail Him. People were afraid to support the Truth because they didn’t want to be called a heretic along with the others that testified that this man was the Son of God. They were afraid of Blaspheming the Name of God.

Do you not know that as much as I love God and desire to do His bidding I would not even tolerate an argument that questioned the scriptures. Do you realize that I spent years in Celibacy crying out to Gd to change me. Do you not know that I took the scriptures at face value, but to do that my whole life was a conflict. How can you live in accordance with the leading of the Holy Spirit and never cause any one to stumble or have an appearance of evil—–you have to be totally alone the rest of your life living in fear that you might mess up and cause someone to fall. I never wanted to bring dishonor to God or His Name or His Church. I would rather die than do this.

Yet, He tells me to Honor Him is to live and be who I am—How can I be who I am when the whole Christian world and a lot of secularists says that my very life is an abomination?

So I had to choose, follow God and the way of peace..

Or live in constant fear and a self made prison praying to die….

I choose Peace God and I accepted that I am exactly who He created me to be.. all of it.. I am His…. All of me.

I also realized that to accept this I had to disregard some theology and look deeper into the passages and question them. What I found was disturbing. I found that I had lived my entire existence based upon the presumption that the interpreters were led by the Spirit of God and did not take any liberties at interpreting.What I found was that I had been wrong and was one of the many voices in the past 30 years saying that it was wrong. Though my position was that you could be saved because our salvation does not depend on our works—- as a minister and one desiring to please God, I did not believe that you could possibly be gay, actively gay and minister and it not be a sin. And I was wrong.

I now both sides of the court, know the arguments, I’ve created a few, and I have been silent.

So now, to pick up my cross and follow Him has another meaning for me …  The cross between opinion and faith.. the cross between man or God, the cross between self preservation and someone else’s salvation… the cross between silence and speaking..

And when I live, or speak out loud, am I not just following my Savior? He said to love one another as He has loved us—He went to the cross– He died for us– it wasn’t for His benefit, it was for someone else—– it says that He despised the shame for the joy that was set before Him– the joy—– us no longer being separated from God, the Father— rendering us —-debt free—- Paul says for those who believe we owe nothing except to love.

I could go on living my life in Secret as others fall slain to the accusations and the bitterness of the religious majority; Or I could step out and step forward and say this is wrong– to accuse one another with passages of the bible that you do not understand; to judge a man without first having walked in his shoes; to hold the garments of those whilst they stone the followers to death.

Those people truly thought that they were doing God a favor, and all the while, the first Christians, followers of the way, only proclaimed the Truth!

So who am I to expect to proclaim the truth and not go through persecution.

Rage against the storm……..

Who am I to question God, why is it so hard. Who am I to hide the truth for the sake of protecting my reputation in the sight of men– Those that I seek approval from, will they be the One I stand before on Judgement day?

The ones who have lost their life over this issue, will their blood be on my head on Judgement day?

As Samson, having been enslaved by the enemy, His strength gone, the object of ridicule and jokes, no vision, his eyes gouged out, being used like a beast of walking in circles shacked to the grinding wheel—– how often he must have asked himself why didn’t he listen when he was warned, why did he let himself be seduced by Delilah’s beauty. Going round in circles — the same ol grind, being laughed at for the fool he had been, captured– this judge of Israel. He was in Prison, for so long.

You can read it in Judges 16— the death of Samson— in His death, he killed more of God’s enemies than he had in his entire life.

Jesus saved more in His death than all of His life.

It might kill us, what we have to go through to be victorious— but think about the outcome of thousands of others whose life is in turmoil, who hang in the balance because of the opinion of others.

If we move forward and tell our story, tel the truth, we may save one life, if not a generation. I f we step forward and add our flame to the others that are stepping forward, it just may be enough to burn a hole through the mass of opinions that is interwoven in our society;The judgments of others that suffocate the very core of someone else’s being, someone who believes in God, or would..             These are our brothers, these are our sisters….those that do the Father’s will. It is not God’s will that any should parish, Jesus came to save not condemn.

Jesus said that people would know His disciples by their love—- Do you love… enough??

Jesus asked Peter , 3 times, “Do You Love Me?”

<p style="text-align:left; He instructed, feed my lambs, care for my sheep, feed my sheep…
So I ask myself and I ask you too because we are better together than apart… Do you love Him?

Do you love enough?


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