I want to get married in North Carolina

I don’t know if I’ve told y’all or not but
my one true love rejoined me…ah about 11 months ago.
She realized that the people she was listening to and afraid of offending was not there when she needed them, was not there at night or morning or evening or will live with her and they do not include her in their vacations or family outings.
People have their own lives. Since it was because of these people that she was afraid of the taboo of being with me, she realized that the result of their wishes for her that she would be alone and miserable because she is in love with me.
Now we have been living together for about 6 months and we want to make it legal however we have a couple of questions.
We both owe taxes from previous lives and I would not want her liable or visa versa. Will a prenuptial handle that?
Second… I want her to be my beneficiary of any insurance, pension or any settlement should something happen to me…. we are Georgia residents. ..
Will the marriage bonds be upheld in a hearing should something happen that would affect a spouce?
Third… since I feel like I should take care of this ASAP I do not have the money saved up for the wedding that I imagined…. she is still in the closet so it will be a small wedding…. however..people who would bless us and celebrate with us are welcome.
Question here is, does anyone have any ideas about a wedding possibly in North Carolina?


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