Is this How we are to Jesus?

I still do not understand.


This started out as a personal letter and then turned into a question to the church… repentance forgiveness asking forgiveness and a declaration… to know the inside story.. we were 2 women… living as married as much as possible, had a commitment ceremony .. rings all that…. beautiful love life, a wonderful time, but she was not out to her kids and friends and eventually the questions, criticism and ostracizing got the most of her. When faced with the thought of me being placed in a hospital waiting room with her family…. she left while I was at work 6 days before. Just the night before she had said that she would never leave me again, she was just afraid and we were together for life. I said, if you even think about it.. crosses your mind… will you let me know… I can’t stand being blind sighted like…

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