Where are you?

Just reading… it is ongoing…. is anyone out there?


I am here now. I am out of the shadows. I have stood in the light to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord of my Life and I am Gay.

i AM BLESSED GAY. I just knew.. I thought.. that once I came out .. being Christian and gay .. that there would be others, especially near me that would come around to say I want to draw near to God. There is not a supportive Christian system within 60 miles– the closest one .. a unitarian church in Macon and I am sure there is a Methodist church somewhere within that distance that would go out of their way to make me feel welcome because God loves us all. I’m not complaining, yes I am. I want to be around others like me to have a real conversation with. 

Others who have a heart, a real desire for God…

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