Today I say good bye.
Every death should be noticed..
Every life should be memorialized
Else how can we say good bye.
I will meet you to say good bye
Like the death of someone you loved.
This is how I close the door.
I weep. I talk. I express. I grieve. I get angry. I am hurt. I deal with it. I acknowledge what has happened. I talk to the dead. I say I am sorry that they are gone and I commence to get over it. This is how I grieve. This is how I process. This is how I end it. This is how I get over it.
Let me get over it.
You say you don’t understand.
It’s just that
There was nothing wrong with our relationship. Someone came in and wrecked it and too our life, took my life. It is a death. Let me say goodbye.
I have to say goodbye.
I must say goodbye.
We all grieve differetly… let me grieve. I must grieve. Let me die.


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