It was a good thing.

She said that she didn’t understand,
But she came anyway… finally.
It was a good thing.
We read, we talked, we prayed, we let it go…
It was a good thing…. she called
She said, “It was a good thing”
Now, now I can go on.
There isn’t this unfinished business.
There isn’t this rip in my soul.
Now she understands… it was a good thing… I had to examine it, embrace it, accept it… to let it go.
I couldn’t have her leave me bleeding in the street… she had to be compassionate enough to see about me. Patch me up so that I could heal.. so that I could let it go.
Yes, she says, if we were accepted by society.. we would be together today… she has never been on this end of the spectrum. 
But she says that she is less judgemental… and she will speak up in defense of homosexuals if the subject ever comes up…
She says, “why are you looking at me like that?”
I say that it reminds me of Peter… “Before the sun comes up you will have denied me three times.”
But it was Peter that God used.
Go tell Peter that when he returns to strengthen his brothers.
It was a good thing.


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