I have never been so angry and battle Hate as I am now.

I have never been so angry and fighting hatred as I am now.
I have taken calm pill after pill, to no avail. I am wanting the object of my pain to feel it just as deep.
Why do I have to be the one that always has to take the higher road.
Even God, after many warnings, many chances … will say…. I told you that if you do not listen all these things will come upon you…. and He is true to His Word. He says that vengence is His… I want Him to repay back those who are the source of all this pain.
I am so angry because I am so hurt.
I hate my life right now… I can’t be consoled… I just want to skip over to the end of the suffering.
There is no one that I can talk to, no one to hold on to, I am like a rumbling volcano wanting to explode.
This page is my only place of letting it out. Inside I am screaming…. on the outside, I am sitting in a tub of hot water trying to calm my heart down.
We are not supposed to hate…. it says that if you hate that you are in danger of hell. I feel so much hatred right now. I want God to climb into the hearts and minds of those who really want to follow Him, not for show but out of love and devotion and give them a heart to heart education.
Out of ignorance,  out of people pleasing, out of shallowness and blind following. … people are “crucifying” the ones that they so call love… I am screaming inside.
Is she truly the Bride of Christ?


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