A prophets journal

There are times when I look around me and I see what is taking place and although the times look bleak, I get excited because it is as if there is power surging through me to see these things and I feel alive, Not alive because of what is going to take place, but alive because the reason I am here is to see and tell and warn and point.. to mediate.

People say that I am very depressing. I do not mean to be. It is just that it feels good to be activated, alive, active, working; not laying dormant somewhere wondering why am I here.

At the same time, it is most wonderful when God brings along a co-worker, a friend, a confidant and lover… that makes me feel like spring is in the air regardless of what it looks like in the natural.

As Taylor Dane puts it,,, “Send me a lover, someone I can count on, Lord, Send me someone to hold on to….”


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