A Rare Bird

A Rare Bird-

There’s a story that I would like to relate. Keep in mind that God knows how to get our attention, He know the language we speak, and He knows what means the most to us.

In my life, at this particular time, all that I had in my care were the animals around me. I am a nature lover. If I had children, God would have used the children, but He used the nature of my surroundings to get to me – that which had my attention.

I was fond of birds. I would buy seeds that would attract certain kinds of birds – birds of color.
I also found that birds were attracted to their same color. I found this out by the certain feeders or objects or even cars that were in my yard. I would have never noticed had it not been for the beautiful blue colored bird that I had never seen before. I had finches, a bunch of cardinals, blue jays, 2 pair of hawks, one set of golden eagles, and about 8 pair of doves – I loved my cardinals and doves and of course I had plenty of squirrels and rabbits, I fed them too.
But my birds…
I had favorite places in the house that I loved to sit and look out – to gaze at God’s beautiful creation. The house was full of windows – . So I placed feeders and scattered seed in all the places that were visible to me while I looked out. I even planted flowers that drew the attention of certain birds. I wanted an array of color – living color.

I would even spread seed in a path to another feeder or “bird haven” that I had created.

One day as my life had become dark and I was in a deep depression because of the loss of my dad. I felt like I had never measured up to what he desired. And quite truly I was lost even to myself. I had tried to please him and in doing so… well, you know in the section about Eve’s self image – who’s point of view are you looking through. God said that to me before I could say it to you. I had a poor self image. Dad always said he wanted me to be like everyone else. I am like no one that I know. I see similarities but that is all.

One day I felt that I had been down long enough and I had to get up or I would die. My physical house had begun falling apart because I did not have the energy to do anything about it. I had dug a hole and crawled inside it.

I decided I was coming out. And God said, “Come here, Tammy, I want to talk to you.” I went outside to the front porch and He didn’t say anything.
I asked Him, “what?” I had things to do and I needed to do them while I was in the mood. The Lord didn’t say anything. So I sat down in my favorite chair and started watching. The front lawn was covered in sparrows. I never had so many sparrows! They moved like waves of leaves on the ground under the breeze. I watched in awe of the little birds – some heading to the trunk of the tree, claiming ground, as though one little sparrow could use that whole trunk or eat all that seed by itself. Three in particular caught my attention as they danced back and forth as if they were saying, “I dare you to cross this line.” They were amazing – each having its own little characteristic yet as a whole they all looked the same. I wondered where all of my “birds of color” were and about that time I heard the screech of a hawk. I was amazed that the sparrows did not even flinch or freeze – they kept on moving with the breeze – then I realized, they were in no danger –

for they were small and camouflaged – no worries – I was amazed!

After sometime, when the hawk had moved on, the cardinals started coming and slowly but surely, the doves appeared. I looked back at the sparrows dancing for their meals and I was delighted watching the birds just being birds, it thrilled me to the soul.
Finally, the Lord spoke to me and asked,
“Those birds did not go out of their way to please you, did they?”
“No, Sir,” I said.
“In fact,” He said, “you went out of your way to please them. Getting what they like to eat, placing it where they’ll see it, and making a path to you.”
“Yes, Sir,” I said.
“Yet you are delighted watching them just be birds – they did not go out of their way to please you – you went out of your way to please them because you delight in their presence.”
“Yes, Sir.”

Slowly it was dawning on me – those sparrows weren’t doing any tricks or anything – they were just doing what was natural and it thrilled my soul to watch those little critters interact. I get it – just be yourself – that which God created you to be because it pleased Him to create you. You are perfect just the way you are. In awe of this, I peered out over the lawn and there was one lonely bird flying in – wonderfully marked with black and white – like he had on a tuxedo or something. Unique in all his ways – different from the other birds and I was fascinated by him.
I actually held my breath and made no sudden moves because I didn’t want to scare him away. Then, only too soon, he flew away and with him, my joy.

I whispered, “Don’t go!” God spoke to me again and said, “that is the way I feel about you – you are unique in all of your ways, I made you that way – you look and sound like no one else – and I wait, I long, I desire for you to come into my presence and I never want you to go.”

I sobbed, realizing how special God is and how especially He made me to be different for His purpose. He meant to. I sobbed, realizing I was perfect because I am what God wanted and He would do anything to get me to come to Him.
In the Garden Of Eden, God created us for His pleasure and also to have dominion over the Earth which He had created. We have what no angel has- a soul, we have the breath of God. We are made in His Image. We were given everything that we could possibly need. There was no want, except for a mate. And that God provided also. Of His creation He said and Behold it was very Good. Then someone comes along and puts doubt in our head, our temple, and leads us into a way of thinking that is not God at all. “Did God say?” Question.
Then the attack on God’s character–No, you will not surely die, for He knows that in the day that you eat of it you will become like god’s knowing good and evil.
The assault is that, Could God be lying to us, could there be something else I am needing-Is He keeping something from me–I could be better. With that–she looked—before she heard-then she listened, with the seed of deception she is now looking from a tainted point of view–she had lost her vision for her Father and her vision of herself. She was now looking through someone else’s eyes. The Father of Lies. Then she partook of rebellion. See, it was the act. The seed was believing, the fruit was the act, and after it has run its full course results in death.
But God Loves us and Has a made a way for us to come to Him, be full of His Glory for all eternity. We can Be His for ever more, forever.
That was a beautiful day for me when God showed me how He longs, He waits for me to come into His presence. He plants seeds for me to follow, He makes pathways for me in righteousness. He knows what I like and desires to delight me for the sheer joy of seeing me get excited, and I began paying attention to who was painting my point of view. I like God’s view better. He says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Won’t you come to the Father and delight His heart just by being with Him in His presence? He is waiting for you.

Taken from “The Fathers Heart”
By Tammy Ricks… Dublin, GA  50
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