To Write or not to Write, that is the question

Have you ever been hungry for something and you just didn’t know what it was.? So you go to the kitchen and discover whatever is in there and settle on something to eat, but it just doesn’t fill that gap, that craving. So then you just begin to eat what ever you see trying to satisfy that craving.

That’s what I’ve been doing with my writing. I am out of work, concerned about that and say to myself that I don’t have time to write and yet I spend hours on the internet answering people’s blogs or questions of whom I have never met.  Such as..

“Does God still love me even though I am gay?”

“Does anyone on here have flashbacks?” ” anger triggers”

“Do you have to believe in the deity of Christ to be a christian?” …  what, i got off that sight after 2 pages of dialogue.

Lets see… Uh.. “How do you feel about ‘ex- homosexuals?”  Then you have the love diaries of people that just want someone to talk to and present it as a problem. They don’t want you really to help them out, they just want you to be wrapped up in their world.

I was on a sight for those who suffer from depression… after about 2 weeks, I had to excuse myself for self preservation, it was too depressing.

I was on a sight specifically for ENFP …. that is a type of personality. Wow, that was amazing. That was my favorite one, like the one for people who have ADD.. you relate to everything, it was awesome, they were all my soul mates, until the threads started turning distastefully dirty, and sexual in content. I got off of that one too.

Yet I tell myself that I don’t  have the time to write and I spend all day answering posts that I am very familiar with. “How do you handle your family when they disapprove of your lifestyle?”

How did you come to grips with your faith and your sexuality?

Do you still grieve over the loss of a loved one?

How do you handle prejudice and bigotry in the work place?

How did your family take it when you came out?

How does PTSD affect your life today?

Do you think that you have ever been passed over for a promotion because you are a woman?

What is the Holy Spirit and Speaking in tongues?

I don’t think you are over your ex..

Wow… this is only half o it and if I had put them all together, I would already have a book.

So I ask myself this question. Why, after all of these years of being quiet, do you feel you need to come out and speak up?

My Answer.. For the Love of God and the reputation of His Name.

For the Love of people who are so sideswiped.

For every person, student or child, who suffers.

To bridge the gap between our present state and our future.

To have a bride that is without spot or wrinkle.

To Break the Silence.


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