Dear God

Thank You for the people I have met sharing the same struggles or caught in the middle. THANK YOU that their are people honest enough to share their stories. Though You have always assured me that I do not walk alone and You have always been their and will never let me go. At the same time it is so nice to have humans here on earth that share in our experience and though we may never see each other face to face..I feel their heart beat as we all try to follow you and carry this cross that others deem unreconciliable. I LOVE YOU LORD..even in the storm.
I am so sorry it took such a heart break to make me real with myself..and slowly..real with others..hold on until I can be completely honest with the rest of the world..until fear is completely defeated and with those who are fighting the good fight and winning.. in Jesus’ Name I pray and may You be blessed by my lfe..Amen.


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