Love worth dying for

They say if you aren’t willing to make sacrifices.. your heart is not in it.
They say perfect love casts out all fear.
They say love conquers all.
I’ve always imagined being in love with someone and the love of God within us would weather the storms…stronger together. I NEVER thought that I would give myself so fully to someone to be trashed like old garbage the minute the possibility of their ” normal straight christian friends” finding out.
What was the commitment ceremony about?. All the words ..all the things you’ve said…you never thought you could be so’ve never felt so loved and as beautiful as I make you feel. You want to s
pend everyday and every night with me…plans we made..dreams we shared…the minute your bridge club is threatened you drop me like a rotten onion.
I thought you loved me..I know you do.
That kind of fear and treatment does not come from God. Did you not say..evenstill..that our love brought you closer to God… understanding deeper the intimacy of relationship and what He wants with us. So we were peace..perfectly one..walking on water until you took your eyes off of God and started looking at the waves it would cause if anyone knew.  Tell me…..who in this picture let go of His will. ?
We were seeking God and serving Him when He brought us together. ..I tried to shut you out of my life remember?
But you said this was God…this love Him..He’s got us.   When did you stop trusting Him..
do Im supposed to let you go and zct like nothing happened…that we did not live as partners..married..committed..with a hope and a future…
I’m just supposed to see you as a friend…you have torn my heart apart.
And I cant tell anyone. And your friends just think I have an issue with depression…….who is deceiving who?
I never would have guessed that you would have done this….why even make the commitment… knew I would have cut it off then..
This is so wrong…it is so wrong.
Now what….all the things that God has told me to do…I need a partner…a loving.. committed .. knitted…united as one partner.
You can go to that church and raise your hands and dance and sing without fear because Im not there…the place that you fear would ostracise us…but when you go home alone..when no one else is around..and you listen to your know you are wrong.  You are so wrong…
So if its not love worth dying for… its not love..
So dont tell me that you love me but you cant handle the thought..the fear of what thst information would do to your normal life.
And arent these the same people that you say all they do is talk about everyone…do you keep you participate…do you walk out.. those whom you align yourself with you will be knitted to…. be careful who you yoke yourself to.
We were equally yoked..we were perfect for one another..God knew what He was doing…you let fear run you away…and it was just even imagined. You never gave us a chance to go through it together.
What if your g.daughter turns out gay..
Dont you ghink it eould be easier for her if she knew about you..our relationship.
Plsy said you wanted to make the world a better said you wanted to minister to the gay community…you said you felt called to help others.
People who change the world…break new territories are often called bad names….but they are the ones who make history..they are the ones who make a difference. You loved changed my left me..I went blind.
Lets make a difference..together.


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