Set Sail

I cannot help the way I feel.
The Love we had was like the ocean, so deep, so wide, so vast, so mysterious, and so glorious.
I felt as though my ship had finally come in.

You came to me out of nowhere and would not let me go. Such a surprise you were to me. You gave your love so freely.
Oh, how I dared not. But you would not let me close the door. You tore down my walls as you held me. I opened up to you completely. I gave you all of me eternally.
You conquered me. I surrendered. I gave you the key, and welcomed you into my world, my heart, my soul.
Then you left me. Abandoned, destroyed.
Just as you came, I need you to leave. Help me bring this ship back to shore.
We took it out together, alone. This same way, I need you to help me navigate it back home.
Help me come back Home.

-PART 2-
Now that I know that it is possible
To have a love such as this.
All I want to do is find that someone,
To share love’s joy and bliss.
Now that I know that it is possible,
To serve God and have unity.
That is my mission, my goal, to share how great a love can be.
So many years, I’ve stood watching, out by the seashore. Watching as others live their lives with a partner, sharing life’s sorrows and triumphs, I’d be lying if I said I had no envy.
Oh, to be married and have a family, a place where I belong. To have someone that loves me and is there from dusk to dawn.
To have a reason to live, to plan tomorrow with.
To have a common destination, Someone, to whom my love I can give.
For you, I’ll try to move mountains, make your dreams come true. Try to make you laugh, and dry your tears too. Together we can change tomorrow, for each and everyone, as we live our life in Joy, with love and peace for everyone.
For it is Love that has power, to change the tides of time, let not fear sink us, let not our hearts die.
Let the world know, what true love is. Sailing off into tomorrow… to truly, truly live.


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