So much hurt in the world..so much turmoil..voices of confusion claiming this is God..that is God..but the only way I know whats God is what brings me peace, what brings me joy, what brings me happiness..what brings me closer to the Father. What actually imitates Christ and His love and compassion.
What brings out the kindness in me the gentle side of the dove..yet the sharpness of the hawk.
I want to rise abive this tide of confusion caused by heartbreak and join in a humanity of joy and happiness..fulfillment.
I want to rise above the sorrow and just live life to the fullest.
I see the sea of humanity against anything other than their popular belief as the crowd led by the religious leaders screaming..” crucify Him”
Ceasar saying..but what has he done?
With us you inscribe above our heads..
“They loved much.”
Or the holocaust…though I dare not say that we have suffered that terrible ..horrifi..unimaginable ..end
It is the swaying of the crowd by much stronger leaders that can bring the end to innocent loving lives….it is the tide of opinion or apathy towards those that do not concern you.
But we are in your churches seeking God, in the grocery store, behind the counters, your servers, doctors, lawyers, sisters, your best friend.
We are everywhere but just as in the beginning of christianity…we don’t publicise it too much…there are many Saul’s out there hunting us down ready to stone us in the name of God.
One day..Saul will be blinded by the Light and he shall go around and prove that just as the gentiles were accepted .. there wiil be a Paul who has much learning and a revelation and he will help speak for us just as many are already doing.


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