Steady Stream

I can not help but weep as I read of other couples journeys as they navigate the terrain of society, their personal relationship and their friends and family.
As a Christian Gay woman who upon finding the love of her dreams realizing that the beauty of it all… God had created and there was no mistake..Being blessed beyond measure only to be pushed ashore onto to the crushing rocks of society and fear… to watch your dream vanish in the sand like a ghost that appeared in a dream.
The tears stream. And I once again pray to die. For I can’t take the pain I feel in my heart. I have no reason to go on.
I have written all that I know to write. I have reached out as far as I can reach. I have sought others of like faith and persuasion…. I have offered my voice., my help… all I know to give… inside I’m screaming…. I’m done.
The very reason we moved to Augusta was for her. The reason I took this job was for her. The reason I wanted a steady… in one place job, was her. Everything was her.
Hey God… just let me out of this human race. I don’t want to run another lap, have to work another day, feel another moment of sorrow without the love to balance it out..
I want out.


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