THE Reformation Project

Ever since I created this page, my mission has been to make known the cross of a Christian and a gay person.
To inform, enlighten make aware the struggles, the issues, to bring empathy and change to a closed, dark world.
I thought that eventually I would begin to speak in open circuits and possibly start a home church for others of like faith that do not feel comfortable in a formal church setting.
Matthew Vines is doing that very thing with passion, intelligence and conviction.
He is having a conference In June for people who would like to take a clear message back to their communities about the truth of what we have been taught concerning homosexuality and what the Bible says.
Since my wife left me I have not had any revenue left over but I so want to be a part of this conference. Will you help me?
It isn’t much.
If I could get 30 people to contribute 10.00 that would pay for the conference and a room for 2 nights somewhere.
If I buy the tickets now it is only 150.
My actual name is Tammy M. Ricks.
I live in Dublin, Ga. I graduated from Spirit Life Bible College in Costa Mesa California under Roberts Liardon.
Most of my friends are ministers.
Almost all are Christians and my family is very religious.
I am 50 years old. Only when I met Debbie, did I accept myself as being exactly who I was created to be.
I would like to take this message of acceptance and love to the public,  will you help me.
My actual email address is
God said that we were missionaries of Love… will you help support this mission?
I’m not sure how this would work. .. but if one person is willing, perhaps I could find a church for you to send it to and they could handle it… I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Thanks in advance for your consideration and I hope you will pray for me.


One comment on “THE Reformation Project

  1. I posted a link about the project along with my own experience and desire to be able discuss this subject along with the story by Jena, I posted it to “The Women’s Prayer Union” of which I have been a welcome guest there and many responses from the leaders of the gifting and the presence of God in me….. I was unfriended and blocked from their Facebook page.
    My own friends who are guy think that I should just enjoy life and go the path of least resistence.
    If there is anyone out there who can and will encourage me… please do… thanks.

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