To the world

I know what it is to love and be loved. I know what it is to swim in the river of life with the Holy Spirit and I know what it is to go into that sacred Holy secret place with someone. I know what it is to be be alive and thankful you are alive.
I know what it is to come home at the end of the day and have your socks and shoes removed and your feet rubbed. I know whaat it is to be sick and have someone care for you..attending to you while you are sick..I know what it is to have the touch of someone just go right through you. I know what it is to be in love and so amazed that each day you love them more…deeper…intimately and eaach day carries its new pleasures and sorrows. I know what it is to want the besst for someone and try to do everything within your power and then make that happen. I know what it is to live…love..laugh and cry.. I know what it is to have such peace and joy and love within a relationship as God is the center..the author of that relationship.
And I know what it is to have something so perfect ……walk away…because…it doesn’t make sense and no one woould understand and no one would believe us and no one that we know would accept us.. I know what it is…
And I understand God’s love for me even more..for I am but human and if I can love this much…no matter what…how much more..the master.creator..the author of love…and because I know how I feel about her and what my intentions are toward her….I can rest in knowing that the Almighty God loves me and nothing can separate us..nothing…I have more faith and rest in knowing He loves me than ever before…because of the love we shared….because of the love we words were not just words..letters put together to make a sound..I meant every single one of them…until the day I die..I love you and nothing can change that…I am sorry that you chose another road…but I still love you.
And every person that walks away from God…it doesn’t change the fact that He loves you…and He’ll never die.


Okay… that was 3 years ago.
You came back… we were together For a year..
Again no problems… again you promised forever… again you side blinded me… this time you have outright been lying to me for months..
So I say this…
It is true what I said about love.
It is true what I said about God.
And it is true that I am human.
You take a love like that, so deep, so vast, so pure….. and do what you have done… knowingly, willfully, deceitfully,
There is no way that I can kid myself into thinking that you didn’t know what you were doing.
So what happens to the love.. it turns to hate.
Who says there is not a Hell.
It burns.
I am human. But thank God, He is not and His love is eternal.


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